DevOps Security Professional focusing in C/C++/Python/Java Programming and Visual Effects design.

Freelance Services

DevOps Security

DevOps Security Professional experienced in building and deploying cloud native software, while focusing on reducing the risk to the organization through best practices and deep software structure knowledge.

Visual Effects and Film Making

Multilingual Visual Effects Artist, consisting of 2D/3D compositing and graphical design, as well as writing and directing projects from start to finish.


Deep knowledge in open source offensive security best practices and fluency in multiple programming language, such as C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, along with various frameworks within these languages.


The Mystery of the Human Brain

Something that’s been bothering me for years, A thought. The most advanced Computer in the universe, Is the Human Brain. A Computer is able to process data and perform calculations. That’s exactly what the Brain Read more…

Hey there, My name is Fahad. 

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