Something that’s been bothering me for years, A thought.

The most advanced Computer in the universe, Is the Human Brain. A Computer is able to process data and perform calculations. That’s exactly what the Brain does. The only thing that is not fully understood. Or something that is trying to figure out what it is.

Literally speaking, Learning how the brain works will lead to huge innovations in STEM.

The biological computer might be processing information at the quantum level. A weird thought, But we do not really know what the Brain is.

One of the things that I look forward to experimenting, if we do learn how the brain works and be able to make it do things we want.

We might be able to change our perception of time.

Which already breaks here and there. For example, When you look at the clock, Your eyes disconnect from your brain for a slight second and your perception of time changes, Making the clock look like it’s frozen for a moment.

What if we learn to control and do this when we want. What can we do with it, I don’t know, But is it cool? Yes!

Perhaps the most mysterious thing about the Brain is how it is conscious. Consciousness is weird. Billions of years after the Big bang the universe created us, Biological Systems running on electrical impulses.

One day we might figure out what the secret behind consciousness is, Maybe that secret is in the universe somewhere.

The origin of consciousness might be at the Quantum Level also. Maybe any system that processes information and performs calculations is aware, But if that’s the case, Are computers aware? Maybe, They haven’t evolved or are not able to show it yet.

Brains and Computers both perform calculations, save memory, take data and analyze it. Are other things similar? Like how the brain needs to forget in order to function properly. Computers do forget most things if their power is cut off. They also have auxiliary memory, Which remembers even when the power is cut off.

This is quite similar to the brain, We forget most things. Which is also necessary to for the Brian to function properly.

But some things we do not forget.

Like this Blog post for example, If you read all that, Chances are you will remember the fact about your Perception of time being broken for the brain AND OR how the brain needs to forget in order to function properly.

We don’t know what consciousness is, The normal human will define it as being aware. But it’s so much more than that.

Back to the point, Maybe Computers are aware but are at an early stage of evolving into higher form. It’s an absurd idea, But do not forget, That the human brain is a computer too. Maybe not a digital computer, The computers we are used to knowing, But they work very, Very similarly.

Looking forward to the day AI and neuroscience (artificial neuroscience or Aneuroscience??) come together to answer the most absurd of questions. Thank you for reading.

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