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So this post is going to explain why Remote Hacker Probe (both versions) is ended and released publicly as open source.

What was built for Penetration testing became the tool for a Script kiddie. Remote Hacker Probe is and was used for malicious activity, That is not what I intended it for. It was a personal development project in which I challenged myself to compete with Cobalt Strike, A challenge from which I’m going to back off. My project is no where near Cobalt Strike and it never will honestly.

I am strictly against black hat activity, But not with Authorized penetration testing. Cobalt Strike is famous and used by a lot of my friends. On my journey I got so excited I did not notice that my creations were being used to commit Crime.

Here are two projects that I’m no longer gonna look back to, ParadoxiaRAT and Remote Hacker Probe. The latter which I intended to work on for a long long time.

I planned to add a lot of features in the Remote Hacker Probe, Such as Mimi Katz Reflective DLL, In memory automatic Meterpreter loading, Network Exploitation etc. But adding them in a penetration testing framework that only has Script kiddies as its users will never end up good. I might just publish the research code publicly instead of selling it. ( I don’t think I’m at the position to sell. )

Remote Hacker Probe has been fun, exciting and painful at times to work on. It was fun, I thank all who purchased it and supported me.

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