Hey What’s up it’s quantumcore. Today I’m gonna be going over a few one of the most common ways Hackers Spread Malware.

The most common type of malware that are spread around, Are standard Remote Access Trojans that are found on the internet. Mostly they are open source tools being used by someone who’s not as skilled as they pretend to be.

They are called Script kiddies.

Here are the most common ways they spread it :

Social Engineering

The person might persuade or trick you into downloading and executing a file. They might take advantage of your trust and make you download and execute a file, In some cases, Only make you open a link.

Weird Download Link

The download link is always weird. Because real file sharing Websites would not allow malware uploading and would block it. There are a few websites around that do so, And generate weird download links. If the download link to a file is starting with anonfiles, bit.ly, grabify, 4shared and in some cases, Mediafire. Then you know somethings up.

In no way do I disrespect these websites, They are amazing services. But are mostly used by hackers trying to spread malicious files.

Making you Execute a Command

IF a person wants you to run a command on your PC, There is a good chance that person is tricking you into installing malware on your computer. Especially if the command starts with / or contains powershell.exe and some string similar to ZGVleiBudXRzCgpjb25ncmF0dWxhdGlvbnMgeW91IGRlY29kZWQgdGhpcyBzdHJpbmcgLi4uIC1fXy0gOkQ=.

Malicious Torrents

This is another method that’s used often when it comes to spreading malicious files. Make sure you have a strong anti virus and be very careful when downloading torrents from the internet. Especially if you’re downloading pirated software via torrent. It’s very likely that the pirated software is infected with some sort of malware.


Phishing designed to trick a human victim into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software. They might ask you to login on a page that you usually do, The link might be slightly different. But doing so will have your security compromised. Phishing is very common and also very very illegal. If you do ever find yourself on a page that you think is tricking someone to Login or downloading something, Report it here.

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