If you use discord, You’ve probably encountered someone who has either shared on a server or Sent you some malicious link, Weird Pornographic videos or animal abuse videos.

These are things that are most commonly found in small discord servers which are either based on hacking or gaming.

While I try to stay away from these places, I have found a couple of users trying to spread around their cute “discord token grabbing” malware. They are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Can’t escape them! Most likely you have also seen them.

here is a screenshot of what me and my buddy August found on a random server.

The user is sharing a Discord token grabber malware.

Here is what I found in a server I’m in on discord.

  1. Anon files link.
  2. According to the video, It’s a DDOS program that uses cmd ping. ._.
  3. It does not have any proxy.

The instant I saw this I forwarded to August who reversed it, And indeed, It’s also a Discord token grabber.

The username on that pastebin link is inactive but the people who do such things are not, Stay safe everyone!

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