Here is a detailed explanation of all the changes made to Remote Hacker Probe (both versions) in V.2.

Added File Menu

A file menu has been added and the “Build” and “Settings” buttons have been moved into the file menu.

GUI Updated

Small improvements have been made to the Interface, Improving it.

Added Reflective Loader Client

The new Reflective Loader client is a lightweight client for the Remote Hacker Probe stripped of most features except loading a payload (reflective dll) from the server and injecting it into memory using reflective dl injection.

Read more about the Reflective Loader client here.

Added Reflective Probe DLL

Used to load the Default Probe in memory with the Loader Client. Features such as persistence will then work on the EXE that is used to inject the Loader Client into. By default, Reflective Probe is injected using self injection with host:port as parameters. If you’re loading manually in another process, Persistence won’t work on it. Although other malware can be uploaded with the Reflective Probe File manager later.

Added Message Box DLL for Testing

Just a normal reflective dll that shows a message box, Used for testing or your pranking purposes.

Added Open URL DLL for Testing

Just a normal reflective dll that opens a url, Used for testing or your pranking purposes.

Added Reflective Loader Build

With a new client, It’s builder is also added.

Added Elevation DLL

This is a Reflective DLL Payload that copies the file it’s injected into a File named “WindowsDefender.exe”, Then triggers UAC prompt as that file. This loop will continue until YES is clicked, And doing so, the file will be executed as Administrator. Which is necessary for the next Feature.

Added Ability to add Windows Defender Exclusions (requires UAC)

This feature allows you to add Windows Defender exclusions. A directory is created in C:/Users/%USERNAME%/ and adds Windows defender exclusion to that directory. Allowing you to upload Anything to that directory.

Added Ability to view Windows Defender Exclusions (requires UAC)

This feature allows you to view Windows Defender Exclusions. This takes a moment to load though.

Added UAC Column in Main Table

The client’s UAC status is now shown in the main table.

Reflective DLL Injection Improved

Now you can read Reflective DLL Output, Giving you the Power to run anything in Memory.

Tutorial on how to write a DLL for Remote Hacker Probe & / OR your own projects.

Added Downloads Tab

A new Tab has been added that shows a list of downloaded files from remote computers.

Downloaded files will now be saved under directory downloads and downloaded screenshots under screenshots under directory screenshots.

Icons Removed

Some Icons have been removed to speed up Remote Hacker Probe.

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3 months ago

im not sure whether this would be the correct palce to ask this question, so if it isnt please correct me and i will fix it.
But..Im having an issue when i try to start it up. Im getting an error stating “Bind Error: Address already in use: Net_bind”
I can attempt to start it by just running the .bat file,, or by “java -jar RHP.jar”, either way it gives me an error and force closes the client that pops up.
Im sure this is a simple explanation and fix, im just lost as to how to fix it, so if you can help me i’d be sincerely grateful.

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