The Remote Hacker Probe

Threat Emulation and Red teaming Framework

Feature Rich

The Remote Hacker Probe is Feature Rich! Including,
Keystroke Logging, Reflective DLL Injection, Reverse Shell, Password Recovery, etc.

Open Source

Remote Hacker Probe Core is open source and constantly improved.

Lightweight and Fast

Fast and Lightweight, Remote Hacker Probe is coded in Java meaning it will run anywhere in a JRE and Client in C++ for Native Windows.

Here is a list of the most notable features of The Remote Hacker Probe.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging with ASCII, Unicode and Upper Case + Lowercase support.

Microphone Recording

Ability to record input from the Remote Ends Microphone.

Reflective DLL Injection

Execute DLL’s in memory using Reflective DLL Injection over Socket.

Reverse Shell

Full Access to the Command Line.

Password Recovery

Able to recover Passwords from Pidgin, FileZilla, Vault & IE, WINSCP, Wifi and Credential Manager.

Remote Network Scanner

Remotely scan the Target network for Hosts, Also including a Port Scanner, MS17-010 Eternal Blue Scanner and Host Sweep.

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